Knit Together

Knit Together, a daily guide to bless generations.

When my husband and I truly met the Lord and laid our lives down in full surrender, He started to lead us on a journey down His ancient paths. One of these paths is that of imparting blessings. We especially learned the importance of this when we expected our children and practiced speaking blessings over them while they were still in the womb.

It was during my pregnancy with my son that I was inspired by Holy Spirit to compile a book that not only focused on the physical development of the child according to the latest medical research, but also included different spiritual aspects that are important to form a whole and healthy individual.

I felt that I had to ask a few specific couples and individuals to help me write this because of the journeys that they had walked and the revelations that they had received from the Father. This book is written in such a way that it can be used during every day of your pregnancy to learn about the physical development of your baby and also to pray over them and impart certain blessings to them. This book also includes additional information to prepare both parents for the birth of the baby and the parenting journey beyond. QR codes can be scanned where a song will play to edify the spirits of both the baby and the parents.

Why not use this time to bless yourself and your partner as well? Most of us grew up without hearing blessings spoken over us. May you use this book as a tool to bless your child and yourself so that you can grow into, and truly know, your God given identity!

Compiled by Zuleika Deborah Coetzee

Special thanks to:

Karen and Martin Zaayman - Zamar

Thank you for composing the beautiful music, scannable through QR codes throughout Knit Together. We honor you and appreciate your hard work and talent. May the Lord bless you, your voice and everything that you do for His Kingdom. 

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