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Chava means life in Hebrew, and that is what we as women carry when we are pregnant – the precious gift of life.

Made with 100% natural high quality and pure ingredients. A soothing balm ideal for stretching and growing skin, such as during pregnancy. Also a great balm for sensitive skin recovery after delivery.

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4 reviews for Chava Body balm

  1. Leatitia Naudé

    Ek het die mommy balm begin gebruik amper aan die einde van my tweede swangerskap en kon binne die eerste 3 weke sien dat die nuwe rekmerke op my maag stadiger begin vorm het. Dit het ook n lieflike tekstuur en het my vel baie lekker sag laat voel sonder om n dik, olierige laag agter te laat. n Baie lekker produk om te gebruik.

  2. Marichelle Fourie

    I love the fact that the body balm is all natural. It’s working great for my skin. It stays moisturized the entire day and helps a lot with the itching of my stretching skin. The smell is pleasant to the nose which is a bonus since I struggled a lot with nausea due to smell sensitivity.
    I definitely recommend this body balm to other mommies.

  3. Carmen Trollip

    I’ve been using this tummy balm, especially designed for pregnancy, for the last 2 months. I am currently 5 months pregnant with my 4th baby. My skin feels well moisturized, smooth and supple. The smell of the tummy balm is subtle yet pleasant. I am very sensitive to aromas especially during pregnancy and the scent of this body butter is just right. The texture is firm, yet smooth enough to easily spread over one’s growing belly. It comes with a blessing that can be read over your body and little one. I have enjoyed using this wonderful tummy balm and would recommend it as part of any mama’s self care routine. I would also imagine it to be wonderful for post partum skin care, when one’s skin is still sensitive and adjusting after the pregnancy.

  4. Anonymous

    I got a huge spider bite on my face one week and my doctor had to drain it. On top of that I also got three massive cold sores; 2 on my lip and 1 on my nose. It looked terrible. In the week that all of these sores started to heal, I took my mommy balm out of desperation and applied it to all of these areas.
    It is just AMAZING! My skin really began to heal exponentially faster from there on. So for me this belly balm is a “go to” pregnancy balm that really nourishes and heals your skin.

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