Renewing your child’s mind


This is a combo of two audio files that you can play to your child. Listen to the testimony of how these audios have helped our children renew their minds against fear and the lies of the enemy.

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If your child is a baby and struggling with colic or allergies, feel free to view our Equipping Families teaching where we share how to get healing from these issues.

• Based off Scripture verses.
• Renewing the mind by proclaiming God’s truth against the enemy’s lies.
• Help your child heal from fear that entered into their heart and mind through trauma.
• Use in conjunction with our Simcha children’s trauma body products (Infant Lotion, Family Lotion) by praying for your child as you apply the product to your child’s body.
• Includes a printable chart that you can use to help you stay accountable for 21 days. It takes 21 days to form a new thought pattern and 2 x 21 days after that to make it a deep lasting memory. Renewing your mind is a process and one we must administer as often as possible throughout our life because the world and the enemy is trying to program us on a daily basis with lies and deceit.


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