Since I was a little girl, I had an intense love for books and for reading. I ‘devoured’ every story book that I could find and very quickly worked through the local library’s children, and later, adult, isles. Soon I even used my parents’ book allowance at the library, as I read through the books too quickly.

Reading eventually turned into writing as school essays became a platform to practise story writing. The better the story, the better my marks were and this drove me to understand language usage and how to express myself as creatively as possible.

I wrote my first book when I was 15 years old and had big dreams of having it published and turned into a movie. Big dreams, I know. We didn’t know anything about publishing and after being turned down by a few South African publishers, we set our sights on America. There we found a self publishing company and also didn’t understand most of that either.

It cost my family more than R60 000 and a whole lot of tears and unhappiness, with only five printed books of very poor quality, to show for it. (They weren’t even edited.)

The company never paid me, even after I personally knew of people who bought a book. They had it on print on demand and would’ve paid me quarterly as people ordered.

I now understand why it wasn’t successful. The Bible doesn’t say “My people perish because of a lack of knowledge” for nothing. We didn’t understand fully what we were getting ourselves into and the book was also from the wrong kingdom. The enemy knew that my calling would involve writing and so he tried to have me ‘birth’ and Ishmael that would derail me and cause great harm. He succeeded at first, but God!

He can restore and redeem anything! In 2021 my first book, birthed from His heart, was printed and sold to believers in Christ.

Another dream was to start a publishing company, and it too is coming to fulfillment. We want to offer you as an existing or potential future author, a service house where you will have someone walk with you through the process in a step by step, easy to understand and most importantly, affordable, way.

We want to spare you the same frustration and uncertainty that  I had to go through. We will do our utmost best to guide you to an excellent quality finished product that you are proud of and which will glorify God’s name.

We can’t wait to start this journey with you. Please feel free to make contact with us once you know which package you are interested in.

A word from Zuleika Deborah Coetzee

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